Streams Documentation


Addons provide additional functionality that the original authors of the software did not implement or possibly did not anticipate. These must be installed by your website administrator before you can use them.

ABC Music

Render ABC music notation as musical scores

Content Importer

Import content and file storage to a cloned channel


Detect faces in images and make a guess who it is.


Reduces data harvesting of your website initiated by known software agents belonging to Meta corporation.


Grandma style learning method that uses spaced repetition as a learning technique.


Follow everybody in an ActivityPub followers/following list or Mastodon contact export file


If you use browser location services to mark your post location, this addon allows you to obscure the exact location and instead provide a rough approximation.


Hexadecimal Conversion Tool

LDAP Authenticate

Authenticate an account against an enterprise LDAP directory such as Windows Active Directory


Logfile Rotator

Not Safe For Work

Collapse posts with inappropriate content

Open Search

Configure your site as an open search provider, allowing you to add it as a search engine in your web browser.


Use OpenStreetMap for displaying locations.


QR code generator

Queue Worker

Alternate performance-enhanced delivery and background processing engine


Add some colour to tag clouds

Standard Embeds

Allow unfiltered access to embeds from top media providers (currently YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitter)

Stream Order

Provides a widget to switch the post ordering


Allow site administrator to access/administer protected channels and content

Twitter API

Implements a reasonable and useful subset the Twitter V1 and V1.1 API with StatusNet extensions